The Operation Fuel Board of Directors is legally and ethically responsible for all activities of the agency.

Responsibilities include supporting the Operation Fuel mission, acting as advocates for Operation Fuel in the community, ensuring the agency meets its ethical, legal, and financial obligations, preparing for and participating in board and committee meetings, assisting with fundraising strategies and participating actively in Operation Fuel fundraising activities and special events.

Our Board

Chair – Megan Brown
Thames Valley Council for Community Action

Co-Chair – Scott Jellison
The Metropolitan District Commission

Treasurer – Lorenzo Wyatt
Home Comfort Practice

Secretary – Rauchell Beckford-Anderson
Shipman and Goodwin

Daniel Canavan
UIL Holdings Corporation

Alexandrea Isaac
FuelCell Energy

Amy McLean
Acadia Center

Nicholas Neeley
Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority, Retired

Lisa Vallera
Eversource Energy

Commitment:  Board members may serve two (2) consecutive three-year (3) terms.  Board members are expected to attend six board meetings a year and to join one committee.

Interested candidates should complete our application form: Operation Fuel Application Board of Directors

Our Staff

Tonya Anderson
Director for Energy Programs
(860) 243-2345 ext. 3304

Dana Barcellos-Allen
Director of Marketing and Development
(860) 243-2345 ext. 3307

Jude Carroll
Executive Assistant
(860) 243-2345 ext. 3308

Logan Carruba
Energy Programs Support Specialist
(860) 243-2345 ext. 3311

Steven Chen
Finance Assistant
(860) 243-2345 ext. 3303

Ziahayra Figueroa
Marketing and Development Associate
(860) 243-2345 ext. 3312

Shante Forbes
Assistant Director for Energy Programs
(860) 243-2345 ext. 3309

Troylyn Grimes
Administrative Assistant
(860) 243-2345 ext. 3313

Gannon Long
Policy and Public Affairs Director
(860) 243-2345

Elsa Monteiro
Grant Writer
Phone: (860) 243-2345 ext. 3306

Johanna Reyes
Finance Director
Phone: (860) 243-2345 ext. 3310

Wvarrda Saulat
Policy Intern
(860) 243-2345

Brenda Watson
Executive Director
(860) 243-2345 ext. 3302

Darlene Yule
Deputy Director
(860) 243-2345 ext. 3305


The Planning & Development Committee

advances the strategic vision of Operation Fuel through education, advocacy, and media relations, determines Operation Fuel’s role in legislative activities, and develops a policy agenda. It is responsible for reviewing the annual development plan and development activities, as well as supporting Operation Fuel’s fundraising and donor cultivation efforts. This committee meets four times a year.


The Finance Committee

is responsible for financial oversight, the audit, recommending investment policy to the board, and the monitoring of internal controls and accountability policies. This committee meets four to five times a year.


The Governance Committee

supports the board in meeting its stewardship responsibilities by ensuring the board has the requisite talent, skills, and capacities to govern the organization.  This committee meets four to five times a year.

Everyone in the office remembers the call we got from the wife of a soldier. Her husband was deploying in a short time and she had four small children to take care of, on her own. She was having a hard time making ends meet and worrying about how to pay her mortgage when the oil and gas ran out. It was enough to bridge the gap between paychecks for this family who was already sacrificing for our country.”