You have the power to keep the power on for thousands of Connecticut families struggling with utility costs.

Click a story below to see how your help powers people in need and learn why donors are supporting Operation Fuel’s mission.

Who does your donation help?

The family on a strict budget who had been showering at their gym to save money before COVID-19 and, when the gym closed, saw their water bill skyrocket.

The mother who just gave birth two weeks ago who can’t cover the extra cost of her natural gas bill now that her family of five is home using more energy all day, every day.

The laid-off wife of a disabled husband who fearfully watches the fuel level in her oil tank get lower and lower, wondering how she will keep her hot water heating running for her family to bathe and do laundry.

The adult daughter who takes care of her parents in her home whose work hours were cut and only has enough money to pay the mortgage or the electric bill.

The business owner whose non-essential company had to shut down and has no other source of income.

The husband whose surgery was delayed because of COVID-19 priorities at the hospital, leaving him unable to work and earn a full salary.